WASPE Rechargeable Disposable Kit 12000 Puffs 20ml


WASPE Rechargeable Disposable Kit 12000 Puffs 20ml feature a stylish design and unique flavors that fit easily in your pocket or bag.

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What’s WASPE Rechargeable Disposable Kit 12000 Puffs 20ml?

Upgrade your vaping experience with the WASPE Rechargeable Disposable Kit 12000 Puffs 20ml ! This revolutionary device packs a punch with 12000 puffs, ensuring that your vaping sessions last longer than ever before. The convenience of recharging means you can enjoy your favorite flavors without the worry of running out of power.

Our spacious 20ml e-liquid capacity lets you explore a world of flavors, from fruity delights to creamy classics. The WASPE kit offers you versatility and satisfaction in every puff, making it the perfect choice for all your vaping needs.

🌬️ Unleash the power of 12000 puffs in one sleek device.

🔋 Recharge and vape to your heart’s content.

🍉 Indulge in 20ml of your favorite e-liquid flavors.

Waspe 12000 Puffs Vape

✨ WASPE 12000 Puffs Key Features:

📌 12000 Puffs – Enjoy more extended vaping sessions.

🔌 Rechargeable – Say goodbye to disposable waste.

🍒 20ml E-Liquid Capacity – Explore a range of delightful flavors.

👌 Sleek Design – Portable and stylish, perfect for on-the-go vaping.

💨 Smooth Draws – Experience consistent, satisfying hits.

🛠️ Easy to Use – Ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers.

The WASPE Rechargeable Disposable Kit is designed for those who demand excellence in every aspect of their vaping experience. Elevate your vaping game with this impressive device – recharge, refill, and revel in a world of delicious flavors.

Don’t wait! Experience the future of vaping with the WASPE Rechargeable Disposable Kit. Order yours today and redefine your vaping journey.

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Thought you’d like to know:

You can utilize an Android Type-C charger, when charging, a blue light will illuminate at the bottom of the device, indicating the charging process. The light will automatically turn off once the device is fully charged.

It need about 30 minutes to completely recharge. Once the vaping device is fully charged, the blue charging indicator will switch off.

WAPE 12000 Puffs Specification:

  • Battery: 650mAh (Type C)
    Capacity: 20ml
    Coil: 0.8 ohm mesh
    Approximate suction volume: 12000 puffs
    Plus nicotine strength: 2%5%

What flavors does WASPE12000 Puffs Have?

1.Blueberry On Ice
3.Cool Mint
5.Mango Ice
6.Mixed Berries
7.Strawberry Kiwi
8.Strawberry Mango
9.Strawberry Watermelon
12.Strawberry Raspberry Cheery
14.Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
15.Kiwi Lime

Bang King 12000Puffs

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Q: What is an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette)? A: An electronic cigarette, commonly known as an e-cigarette, is a battery-operated device designed to vaporize a liquid solution, often containing nicotine or nicotine-free substances, for inhalation. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes produce vapor instead of smoke.

Q: How do e-cigarettes work? A: E-cigarettes function by heating the e-liquid present in a cartridge or tank. This heating process converts the liquid into vapor, which users inhale. This vapor contains nicotine (in varying concentrations) and flavorings.

Q: Are there different flavor options for e-cigarettes? A: Yes, e-cigarettes offer a wide array of flavors, including fruit, dessert, menthol, tobacco, and many others. These diverse flavor options cater to different preferences.

Q: What nicotine strength should I choose? A: The selection of nicotine strength depends on an individual’s smoking habits. Those accustomed to heavier smoking may opt for higher nicotine concentrations, while light smokers or those aiming to quit may start with lower concentrations.

Q: Can e-cigarettes help with smoking cessation? A: Some individuals turn to e-cigarettes as an aid for smoking cessation. They provide an alternative nicotine source while reducing exposure to harmful substances found in traditional cigarettes. However, the success of using e-cigarettes for quitting smoking varies among individuals. It’s advisable to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before relying solely on e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

Q: Do e-cigarettes require maintenance? A: Most e-cigarettes are designed to be low-maintenance. They can be disposable or rechargeable. Generally, users need to replace the e-liquid cartridge or charge the battery without the hassle of changing parts frequently.

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blueberry ice,strawberry Wateymlon , strawberry ice cream,strawberry banana, cool mint ,watermlon ice,SOUR apple ,mango peach ,strawberry kiwi ,sakura grape ice ,mixed berrieb